The Joy of Microdosing with Edibles

At the risk of being lynched, I’m just going to throw this out there. I don’t like getting high.

From the very first time I took a hit off a joint, I knew it wasn’t for me. Instantly, I turned into a bowl of jelly. I couldn’t talk to save my life, and I certainly couldn’t do anything cognitive like remember what day of the week it was. I simply got too stoned. Over the years I tried many different strains and even tried taking tiny “sips,” when a spliff was passed around. But whatever I tried, I just didn’t have the capacity to smoke weed.

But relaxing recently around a campfire, a friend passed me over for a joint and instead handed me a canister with a single gummie inside. “Try this,” he said. “It’s a tiny dose.” Well, I do like candy!

Controlling your dose

And while it was a tiny dose, I still got way too high. But the next day I realized that I didn’t have to eat the entire gummie. I finally had a means of controlling precisely how much THC I was taking in. And for someone whose regular anxiety levels can be measured on the Richter Scale, this opened up some doors.

Edibles have evolved from homemade, wildcard brownies into precision doses of THC and CBD. And you can tailor them to your individual needs and a given situation. There’s real science involved, and companies like Baked Edibles are perfecting how to use it. Employing the help of independent, certified laboratories, Baked Edibles routinely performs double-blind testing on their products. What’s more, they even post the results on their website for the public to see. Clearly, they understand that advertised doses need to be consistent, particularly when your using marijuana as a medicinal helper rather than as a party agent.

Microdosing for us Lightweights

Now, for a lightweight like me, this is great relief. My primary interest in cannabis is medicinal, an alternative to pharmacology to take the edge off my days. I routinely divide my 5 mg doses into three pieces and carry them around with me like a safety blanket. But Baked Edibles has recognized the importance of microdosing and started producing new products with a mere 2 MG of THC per piece. Their Enchant Mints are a tiny and discreet means of getting just enough THC into your system.

Obviously, everybody reacts differently to the things we ingest. If you’re new to cannabis and timid about how to dive in, microdosing with edibles makes a great introduction. As those in the industry say, start with the lowest reasonable dose, and wait. The body absorbs THC through ingestion much more slowly than when it’s smoked. Best practice is to wait for two hours for the full effect to manifest. Once you’ve got that baseline established, you can step up your dose incrementally until you get the desired effect. And you can always scale it back for situations when you still need to be fully functional, but want to smooth out your jitters.

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