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Marijuana and Rock Climbing

Marijuana and Rock Climbing, then and now I’ll never forget sitting on the rubber floor of the North Rock Climbing Gym flipping through the owner’s old climbing magazines. While I only started climbing in the 1990’s, I was enthralled with the dirtbag history of the sport. Pictures of legendary Yosemite greats like Jim Birdwell and […]

A Newbie’s Guide to Cannabis

I have to confess, I have never been a fan of weed. Growing up my drug of choice was always alcohol, even while my friends were getting high. I just wasn’t interested in smoking up. But with Canada’s legalization of recreational marijuana I started to get curious. The cannabis industry has come a long way […]

Flying with Marijuana

flying with cannabis

So you’re leaving on vacation tomorrow and you’re just a little bit anxious. Have you packed enough underwear, your bathing suit, a toothbrush? You sit down to relax and take a tiny hit of a joint, and without thinking about it you toss your stash into your carry-on bag sitting by the front door. Hey, […]

The Stigma Surrounding Cannabis

When Canada legalized recreational marijuana in 2018, there was a sense of victory for many. Vilified for decades, cannabis users finally had the notion that they were about to be vindicated. Emerging from their hot-boxed rooms into a brave new world free of guilt and suspicion. While there is no question that legalization has helped […]

The Best CBD Dose

It’s a brave new world in Canada. Now that cannabis has been made a legal industry, we’re seeing the growth of production and research into the varied benefits that CBD can provide. Alleged to relieve the symptoms of everything from cancer and glaucoma to ADHD and depression, it seems there’s nothing cannabis can’t do. But […]

The Joy of Microdosing with Edibles

At the risk of being lynched, I’m just going to throw this out there. I don’t like getting high. From the very first time I took a hit off a joint, I knew it wasn’t for me. Instantly, I turned into a bowl of jelly. I couldn’t talk to save my life, and I certainly […]

Women Get High Too!

Not your typical stoner… Think of your typical marijuana user and what comes to mind? Dollars to donuts you’re picturing a bunch of guys sitting around a bong playing video games. Or maybe you see your older brother rolling a joint on a Friday night. Now be more specific and think of exactly “who” in […]

Can Cannabis Relieve ADHD?

To say that Alex struggled as a child would have been putting it mildly. Diagnosed early on with ADHD, he ran into the typical issues at school and at home that one does when they’ve got little to do with their excess of energy. In his early twenties, I worked with Alex, and he smoked […]